Kanyakumari Enayam Port Limited

Project Profile

Enayam is located about 8 km north west of Colachel . The port configuration is parallel to the shoreline and protected by a breakwater. The entry to the Port is through a dredged approach channel. The berths are located parallel to the coast, and protected by a breakwater which is also parallel. The Port design facilitates – terminal continuity of terminal continuity , ease of port expansion and connectivity between terminals abd land transport network.

Key imperatives for Enayam Port

  • Deep draft
  • Proximity to, main shipping routes
  • Scale of operations and sufficient capacity
  • Support and assurance of gateway traffic
  • Sufficient feeder capacity and cost efficient network
  • Competitive overall logistic economics
  • Efficient customs approval process
  • Hinterland road and rail connectivity
  • Cheap bunkering services

Brief Details of the Project

The Proposed Port is located near Enayam about 8 km north west of Colachel at Kanyakumari District. The proposal envisages construction of breakwaters, dredging- reclamation, Container berths with provision for addition of Multi-purpose/dry bulk berths.

 The draft at the harbour is proposed at 16m capable of handling 18000 TEU capacity Container vessels and cape size Coal vessels. Construction of the Port will be in the sea side over the area generated by reclamation using the dredged materials.

11km Rail connectivity to the proposed Port will be by a railway siding of about 11km length branching off from Trivandrum-Nagercoil line at Palliadi station.

The project will be implemented in three Phases at a total cost of  Rs.27,570Crore covering a period of 2017-2030. The estimated cost for Phase-I development is Rs.6,575.20Crore and capacity addition is 24 MTPA (1.60 Million TEUs).

Union Cabinet accorded In-Principle approval for Development of  a New Major Port at Enayam in Tamilnadu.

The Port development has been planned in three phases and the details of the Port configuration for all three phases is summarized as below:








Container Berth

  m  800 (2Nos)  2000 (5Nos)  1,200 (3Nos)  4 000 (10Nos)


 MlnTEU  1.60  4.02  2.41  8.03
 MTPA  24  60.30  36.15  120.45

Solid dry bulk

 m  -  400 (1No)  400 (1No)  800 (2 Nos)


 MTPA  -  3.30  3.30  6.60

 Berths  (total)

 m  1,400 (4Nos)  2,400 (6Nos)  1,600 (4Nos)  5,400 (14Nos)

Overall Capacity

 MTPA  24  63.60  39.45  127.05
Project Cost

INR in Cr.

 6,575.20  11,536.90  9,457.90  27,570


Layout (All Phases)

Kanyakumari Enayam Port Limited

Layout (Phase-1)

Kanyakumari Enayam Port Limited